Mar 23: Spring Awakening Yoga Retreat

~ Restore ~Renew ~Rejuvenate

Completely immerse yourself in a day of awakening for the Spring Equinox. We will replenish and restore for the new season with a day of yoga, meditation, sound therapy and mindfulness at the historic Oneida Community Mansion House.

The day begins by awakening our senses through Aromatherapy Yoga. We will then immerse ourselves in the deep relaxation of sound therapy with Sound Therapist Jeffrey Gregory of Pyramid Wellness Center. Midday we will take pause to nourish our bodies through the practice of mindful eating.

Our afternoon begins with CandleLight Mellow Flow Yoga. This unique blend of poses and breath will harmonize the mind, body and spirit. We will conclude our day with the practice of guided imagery meditation accompanied by live piano music. This day promises to be a day of deep relaxation and finding our inner peace and calm.

~This Retreat is appropriate for all levels even those new to yoga.

~Retreats are kept small and intimate please reserve your space today.

~Day Retreat including lunch: $75

~Follow link to register for the Retreat:

~Please also mark "GOING" on this event page:

~Please bring a mat and blanket.

Saturday, March 23, 2019